Vegetables soup 10.00 €

With tomme cheese and crust bread

Croûte au fromage et salade

Ham and cheese on toasted bread drizzled with sour cream,  garlic and white wine

  • Nature 18.50 €
  • Girolles mushroom 19.00 €
  • Goat cheese 19.00 €
  • Girolles mushrooms, egg 19.50 €
  • Morels and morillons mushrooms 21.00 €

Potatoes fritters, green salad 18.50 €

Potatoes fritters with local cold meat, green salad 19.50 €

Veal sausage with french fries or potato fritters, morels mushrooms sauce 19.50 €

Tartiflette and cold meats 19.00 €

Potatoes with reblochon cheese, bacon and local cold meat

“Portes du Soleil” platter 16.50 €

Cold meats, cheese, girolle mushrooms, baby gherkins, butter.

Vegetarian platter 15.50 €

Fried vegetables, potato fritters or french fries

Great skiing lunch
Great value quality restaurant
Great ski lunch
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